We are a leading global
of artillery

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We are a leading global
of artillery

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The new safety, environmental and efficiency standard in the ammunition life cycle management

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The new safety, environmental and efficiency standard in the ammunition life cycle management

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Production of special containers tailored to customer requirements. MSM GROUP offer a wide range of shelters and containers for different uses.

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Air traffic equipment manufacturing and servicing solutions

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Comprehensive solutions
in the field of engineering

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Intensifying the use of the results of applied research, especially by small and medium-sized enterprises. More about the project

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Our mission and vision

“Everything we do, we do for our customers, our people and our communities. Our mission, vision and values are defining our business”

specialists for the defense and civilian industries.

MSM GROUP is a company covering subsidiaries with a portfolio in the segment of the defense and civil engineering industries.

The goal of the group is the strategic management of subsidiaries to effectively obtain and manage orders within their offer and to deliver reliable and top products and services to their customers. .

The main portfolio of companies belonging to the group covers the entire life cycle of ammunition, radio navigation systems for airports, the production of special custom containers, mobile and air traffic control towers.

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155 mm Ammunition

155 mm artillery ammunition from the portfolio of MSM Group is a product that can be used in many of currently used 155 mm guns and howitzers all around the world.

The our ammunition was tested in such 155 mm weapon systems like ZUZANA, NORA B-52, G5/G6, M109, M198, FH-70, KRAB, CAESAR,.... The ammunition can be used against infantry, lightly armoured targets as well as against structures.

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We are packing for Riyadh

In just a few days, we'll report back to you from sunny Saudi Arabia. MSM GROUP is part of the World Defence Show for five days, from 2 to 8 February 2024.

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Our companies

MSM GROUP covers the activities of the entire group with an emphasis on increasing efficiency and expanding the historically proven reputation of covered brands to the widest possible markets.

  • ZVS holding
  • VOP Nováky
  • MSM Banská Bystrica
  • FM Granada