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Since 2005, our company Virte, a.s. has been providing services aimed at comprehensive cyber security, as well as standard outsourcing and product ICT services. We are part of the MSM GROUP Holding active both in the defense and civil industry. We provide comprehensive ICT services to all companies belonging to this weapons holding, as well as to the rest of the market. We solve operating ICT outsourcing, as well as comprehensive cybersecurity for our customers. Our priority is the reliability and trustworthiness. Virte, a.s. is the holder of the NSA clearance for working with information classified at “SECRET” level. At the same time, the company possesses valid clearances issued by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union for “SECRET” classification level.

We have at our disposal our own data center built on the state-of-the-art S2D technology – Microsoft’s virtualization solution with software-defined disk array on Lenovo’s hardware platform. This technology allows us to process and store customer data in highly available, secure and differentiated virtual storage systems.

We build our own SOC (Security Operation Center) – a comprehensive cyber security system continuously monitoring the complete technology infrastructure – both our own and of our customers. The system detects cybernetic threats, real-time risks of system or application failures, provides forensic evidence and visualizes incidents on the monitors of analysts working in the central control room, including generation of reports and notifications. This system allows us to predict problems in your ICT resources, systems or applications, to respond promptly and thus save your funds used to eliminate the consequences of incidents or possibly production downtimes or shutdowns. It also allows us to clearly and transparently report the status of your ICT universes.

Take advantage of our highly skilled team and advanced technology solutions to achieve your goals.

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What Can We Do For You?

  • Highly protected corporate data storage: Take advantage of our modern data center located in a highly protected area of the industrial park owned by the MSM GROUP weapons holding company, featuring modern technology protection against external attacks, unauthorized access or loss of your data, which may occur when the equipment fails.
  • Continuous oversight of your ICT universe: Let our SOC (Security Operation Center) take care of preventing the failure of your technology structure, your ICT resources, systems or applications. Save time and money spent on eliminating downtimes of your systems and other consequences of ICT failures by having consistent oversight of what is happening with your ICT. We likewise offer on-premise software-hardware solutions for ICT infrastructure monitoring, allowing gaining oversight and detecting any impending failures or incidents, providing you with a chance to respond even before complete failure or to minimize damages by promptly identifying the failure.
  • Centrally protected repository of your data: We can use our modern data center to set up a central repository of your data in a predefined structure with assigned access rights, secure access from remote workstations or mobile devices. Alternatively, we can set up a secure, structured centralized repository directly on your servers.
  • Workspace sharing: Intranet, a shared space for corporate information with history records and authorship changes. Shared work calendars and contact directories. Interconnection with remote workplaces, affiliate and subsidiary companies.
  • ICT services: We provide highly professional and transparent operating ICT outsourcing based on ISO 20000 / ITIL and ITSM, managed by a transparent Service Desk solution where all your requests are structured and clearly available throughout the request’s lifecycle, from its submission until resolution.
  • ICT resources: Being a major reseller, we will procure for you ICT resources at favorable prices in the form of sales or leasing (subscription) to optimize your costs. We provide advanced central asset management of ICT resources (Asset Management) via a Service Desk solution.
  • Protecting your data from loss: We have an effective DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution for you to protect your corporate information from loss. The automated search for sensitive information based on file contents or metadata, monitoring of the work with sensitive information, management of access to applications and websites, complete control of all connected devices, overview of the type and quantity of printed information, notifications of security incidents when working with sensitive information in real time etc.
  • Employee efficiency monitoring: Evaluate and minimize any hidden security threats. Get an overview of what your employees do during working hours. This solution will provide you with a complete overview of how much time employees spend on the web, social networks, or using work-related software. You will have precise statistics about individuals, including comparisons within individual departments. Moreover, in case of any suspicious activities or behavioral changes (e.g. when an employee wishes to leave the company, spending more time on job portals), you will be immediately alerted so that you can resolve the situation without delay. We will help you implement the solution in accordance with GDPR requirements.
  • Penetration tests: By performing automated audits through the deployment of special software solutions, we can help you to identify ICT vulnerabilities or even arrange corrective measures.
  • Industrial security: Your IoT (Internet of Things: operating technology, CNC machines, smart devices, industrial control systems, printers, plotters …) in corporations, industrial production sites, as well as households – is equally sensitive to cyber attacks and threats coming from outside as is the case with other network components. By running IoT penetration tests, we will identify any weak points vulnerable to cyber attacks and help you identify or implement any corrective measures.
  • Hardware encrypted HOOX mobile phones: We offer you the convenience of highly secure communication. This EU-NATO-certified solution classified for “Restricted” level is available as a service or as on-premise comprehensive solution (HOOX server in the customer’s premises). The solution protects your communication and your data by using a trusted device, secure infrastructure with unprecedented features, such as secure conferences. Provide your strategic management and key personnel with the only hardware-encrypted Hoox smartphones. The encryption and decryption take place solely in the smartphones and the encryption keys are generated by the system directly to the customer.
  • Physical and building security: We will prepare for you the security projects, risk, threat and vulnerability analyses. We will arrange project implementation.

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