Integration of secure ICT infrastructure, data centers, Security Operation Centers (SOC), ICT systems, network solutions…

Security projects

Physical and building security, risk, threat and vulnerability analyses.

Incident management system

Centralized infrastructure, network and application monitoring (ZABBIX, CA Spectrum)

Data identification, protection and ownership

Detailed logging, efficient automated data management (VARONIS)

Protection of data centers and critical systems

Latest generation AV (CARBON BLACK Protection, ESET)

DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

Protection of sensitive information and employee efficiency monitoring (SAFETICA)

Centralized infrastructure

Network and application monitoring with integrated IP management tools (AddNET)

ICT resources

Hardware and software for favorable prices, optimization of your costs by Subscription Licensing, Asset Management in our Service Desk.

ICT outsourcing

Professional and transparent operating ICT outsourcing based on ISO 20000 / ITIL and ITSM

Industrial security projects

Internet of Things (IoT) penetration tests

HOOX For Business

Secure communication: The only hardware-encrypted smartphone solution

HOOX For Mission

Secure 4G communication solution for emergency and security units

Solutions customized to your needs…